Veggie Verge Gardening

It has triggered something quite magical in our communities – interaction that was not present or encouraged before.


In today’s society where the Australian Dream to own quarter acre with a big backyard versus the realities of increasing population growth and smaller (if any) backyard, it has brought upon the need to re-evaluate gardening spaces.

Veggie Verges have not only become a great answer to address lack of space, it also has triggered something quite magical in our communities – interaction that was not present or encouraged before.

Whether it is a full-scale veggie verge like Costa from ABCTV’s Gardening Australia made on his very first episode way back in 2013, or a small raised wicking bed on the front lawn verge, or a bit of front yard gardening – all of these acts bring gardens to the foreground: meaning they are visible, present and not tucked away behind fences in the back of people’s properties.

Verge gardening is a great way to build community. It is a focal point for people when walking past to enjoy nature (and if lucky pick some produce to take with them), to educate people on the simplicity of growing your own, or just a wonderful way to grow pretty flowers or natives on the front footpath to encourage more insects and bees into our neighbourhood.

Given that it is renters and owners responsibility to maintain front nature strips, why not grow food/flowers rather than have to drag the mower out? It provides a tremendous opportunity for people to say ‘we care about our neighbourhood’.

As long as it’s maintained, there are no obstructions to prams/wheelchairs plus the line of sight is not compromised for driveways and vehicles parking against the curb, it’s a fantastic project to involve your family (especially kids), your house mates, your friends or neighbours. Be sure to check with your local council as there are regulations in some areas.

Set one up and watch the neighbours suddenly appear. It’s a wondrous thing.

Check out our Veggie Verge garden for yourself at Food Is Free Laneway or catch the chat we had way back in Jan 2019 with Costa Georgiadis from ABCTV’s Gardening Australia, DirtGirl and Costa’s World here.

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