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Everyone needs new friends right? We build friendships via our food security sites and online, but we can always do with more friends!

Looking for a way to help us continue our vital work?

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Our Friends Program directly funds all our work and you get some fantastic perks, like eNews tips & tricks on how to lead a more sustainable life, plus other life-changing/empowering educational tools such as downloadable gardening eBooks, entry to some of our workshops, etc.  All new Friends receive a Food Is Free sticker, a seed embedded thank you card you can plant in some soil, and seasonal Friends eNewsletter direct into your inbox.

By supporting us and becoming a Friend, you will:

  • Be giving back to community,
  • Helping people who are experiencing disadvantage,
  • Plus, you’ll instantly experience that rewarding feeling of good karma money can’t buy.


There’s a whole swag of rewards for our new Friends! Once we are friends, you can access your fantastic rewards, and depending upon which level of Friendship you choose, you can instantly order the merch you wish from our SHOP, and kick back and ready our quarterly e-Newsletter choc-full of info on how to lead a more sustainable life via gardening and other related environmental actions. 

Already a Friend? Thank you! You know how being our Friend has made you even happier and better looking? Well, now you can share the Friends love by inviting your friends and family to join our Friends Program by encouraging your friends to join -instantly giving them an exclusive code, which gives them a 5% discount on the Friends program! 

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