Compost Workshop

Good soil is essential to healthy gardens...and healthy plants equals healthy humans. Composting our organic scraps is a great way to reduce your carbon emissions, build your soil health and is the absolute bedrock to a productive garden.

Join Food Is Free Inc. Volunteer Terry, and total Compost King, who also happens to work with an emerging regenerative farm space called Sunnybank Farm. Terry knows a thing or two about composting. Both on a backyard garden level and on a larger scale. Celebrate World Soil Day (which falls on 5 Dec), by joining us the day prior on Sun 4 December at our Green Space.

Terry will be teaching us why we compost, what goes into your compost, how to maintain your compost and other helpful tips to a successful composting system. New to composting and not sure how it works? Terry will teach you the best skills you need, remove the guesswork for you and make you confident with composting.

He will also explain how composting can bring back life to dead soil, plus reduce the dependence on chemical inputs on a small and large scale including his experience from Sunnybank Farm.

Held in celebration of World Soil Day which is the following day (5 Dec) what better way to spend an hour of your time on Sun 1 May from 11am discovering the joys of composting with the Food Is Free Inc. team at Food Is Free Green Space, 212 Ripon St Sth, Ballarat.


Sunnybank Farm is a multi-generational 600-acre farm near Ballarat. Over the years it has produced a wide variety of produce, currently including beef, lamb, wool, oats, wheat and canola.

We are lucky to have had amazing support for starting our regenerative farming journey and are excited by the progress we have made in the last few years.

Initially, our focus was to produce as much of our own food as we can and being able to consistently eat our own fresh eggs, fruit, vegetables, lamb, beef and honey has been a huge success. A large part of our diet is now homegrown.

On the back of that, we have started to expand production and connect the local community with naturally grown, quality, ethical produce. This includes our pasture raised eggs, grass-fed lamb boxes, fresh honey and chemical free fruit and vegetables.

Everything we produce is done so on the foundation of natural and ethical farm practices that focuses on the wellbeing of the animals and that allows them to live as close to their natural behaviours as possible.

Holistic, rotational grazing allows for our soils to regenerate, to sequester more carbon and to develop biodiversity back into our landscape.

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Food Is Free Inc. believes everyone is entitled to access food security education, and always reserves a few spots for our community members who feel restricted in attending financially, to attend for free. If you feel you’d like to learn more, please email

Bookings essential.


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