Movement in the garden – how to garden safely

Gardens are peaceful and beautiful places but take a lot of work. You can risk pain and injury if you don't move about whilst gardening with mindful intention of taking care of your body.

Join Brett from BJW Health and Fitness as he steps us through a one hour workshop covering safe practice in the garden. Topics covered will include :

* how to prevent injury in the garden,

* nutritional and physical benefits from gardening,

* what are the most common garden injuries,

* movement and lifting etc in the garden,

* important warm up exercises before you garden,

* improving your strength in the garden,

*safe lifting and digging techniques,

Plus a Q&A at the end.

This is a really important workshop for anyone keen on preventing injury and illness from gardening mishaps, and will aid you with ideas on how to get the best experience possible in your garden.

BJW Health and Fitness, is a local Ballarat fitness organisation, offering solutions to clients health and fitness goals. Their expertise is in optimal health coaching covering weight loss personal training and weight loss programs. They provide a safe and enjoyable experience, focused on the individuals health goals.

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This event will be hosted with full COVID protocols in place to keep our community safe.

Ticket holders: please do not attend if you are feeling unwell with COVID symptoms or in isolation due to COVID.

Please note: Food Is Free Inc. believes everyone is entitled to access food security education, and for this workshop we will reserve a few spots for our community members who feel restricted in attending financially, to attend for free. If you feel this applies to you, please email for more info.

Bookings essential.


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