We truly couldn't do it without the amazing help of the following businesses who support us via donated materials etc! We thank you!

If you are keen to support us via donation of goods or services, please contact

Want to be a Local Hero and support us?

To create the magic we do, it takes money. We need good-hearted businesses/individuals who are ethically aligned to our cause, to sponsor us to deliver this vast-reaching and very vital community work. Government grants as much as we appreciate them, and have some success, are limited/highly competitive, plus don’t cover operational costs, nor staff employment (something we desperately need to aim for in the future as we steadily grow).

What you get as a Local Hero:

1 x bright fun/colourful sunflower will be hand-painted by a local artist onto our Food Is Free Green Space site to honour your kind assistance.

This will appear on our shed roller door/vols hut/water tanks in prominent display to acknowledge our Local Heroes, with a sign explaining the illustrations purpose. As space is limited, we won’t have room for business/your name on the illustrations, instead you will receive a thank you mention of the business/individual name on our website, plus our substantial audience via our eNewsletter (600+ subscribers), plus our socials (17.5K Facebook, 3,790+ Instagram).

Tall sunflower: $10,000 each.

Mini sunflower = $5,000 each.

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